The Agency - Overview

(a.k.a. The Prosperity Network, The Ardent Alliance)

"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."
- English Proverb

The Agency was formed to prevent (or at the worst, assist recovery from) any large-scale disaster that could throw the world (or multiple regions) into unrecoverable chaos.

The founders and leaders believe that such a disaster would most likely come from something that was completely unanticipated. They also believe that bureaucracy, politics and miscommunication could endanger an effective response – which would further add to the severity of the problems.

The Agency has deliberately been created independent of any particular nation, government, intelligence, military or law enforcement organisation. This independence gives them the ability to act promptly (and in some cases illegally), but also results in them having very little official representation. It does draw some of its membership from an assortment of these groups however, so on occasion they can receive unofficial support or communicate important information.

To achieve its aims, activities are focused on intelligence gathering from all aspects of society, and establishing an adaptable network of agents that each has a diverse range of skills and contacts. The agency also funds its ongoing operations by "redirecting" financial assets from targets who are deemed to be "a part of the problem" - such as criminal groups, unethical corporations, corrupt politicians and inefficient government/military projects. The agency also has to continually work at keeping itself off the public radar, and on occasion needs to take care of agents who stray from the cause.

Agents are given a lot of latitude to operate as they prefer, as long as they keep the agency operations discreet and out of the public eye. The ends do justify the means for this agency, and drastic action that prevents severe consequences is not disapproved of. As the agents need to recruit others without exposing the agency, they often set up front operations and personal enterprises, may of which are successful organizations in their own right.

Until now the agency has had only limited involvement with Sapphire City, but the emerging importance of the city and the problems it is beginning to encounter has given the agency new reason to establish influence there.