Amanda Noakes

Amanada is the owner/manager of a small freelance operation, Society Secruity Services.

She employs drivers, bodyguards and other security personel. These are then hired out to celebrities and wealthy or influential people. She also arranges extra security for high profile parties and promotional events.

Amanda has a very poor understanding of all aspects of security and protection, however she has access to alot of well-heeled clients that wouldn't dream of dealing with a 'mundane' security firm. She focuses most her energies into socialising with her clients and trying to become a celebrity herself. Most her staff are initially attracted to the work for the better money, but often leave as a result of the rude treatement they receive from Amanda and her clients.

The producers hope to cast Paris Hilton in this role.

"You will be expected to have a handgun on you at all times, see if you can get something european with a silver finish rather then that ugly black thing you have there."

"Celebrity security is a demanding role - It is vital you know you customers favourite cafes and salons, and what time to pickup their children from child-care."